How To Store Make-up Palettes

Up until recently, I had no idea how to store my make-up palettes. Usually, I just stuff whatever make-up I have into my giant acrylic organizer (found at my happy place, The Container Store).


Previously, everything was stuffed into here

I found an organization hack that helped me declutter the vanity + repurpose something that I’m sure most of you have laying around your house.

Grab a paper sorter – you can find super cheap ones in the office section of any furniture or organization store. I had bought mine for my desk, but found that I wasn’t actually using it much. It needed a new purpose! Then, put all your palettes together, with the largest on the bottom.


Take your palettes and put them in the sorter by size, with the tallest in the back. This way, you can see all of your palettes at one glance!


And viola! Set your sorter anywhere you want for a simple, efficient + elegant organizing solution! Next step: spray paint the sorter gold 🙂

P.S. This organizing trick isn’t just for palettes! You can try it with anything of that shape — books, magazines, popcorn packets — have fun with it!


Monthly Planning: August 2016


A new month means a blank spread to PLAN! You may ask, why/how do you plan an entire month in one day? My monthly spread isn’t a look into every detail of every day, but rather a snapshot into the big events going on that month. Planning it ahead of time helps me remember birthdays, events, and trips. I love looking back + being reminded of what I did each month — it’s a calendar + scrapbook in one!


It looks so clean + empty…for now 🙂

My main supplies are stickers from Etsy shops (linked below) + washi tape. You can buy washi at any craft or stationery store. Washi is not only used for planning, it’s also such a fun decorative item that lasts forever + has so many applications like these ones.


The washi I picked out for this spread. I ended up using only the green scales one.

Hopefully this gives you ideas on how to plan your month with some FUN. Here’s how I planned August 2016.


  • I put down any trips I know of first with some washi. It looks good + I know my free weekends for the month!
  • Next, birthdays. I mark birthdays in a bunch of different ways — with flags, icons, or old-fashioned balloon stickers!
  • Now to put down any other big events going on that month — parties, meetings, special moments 🙂 This month I marked one of my friends moving to Seattle and a monthly b
    ook club meeting!
  • Finally, I writedown my usual monthly plans like paydays, when bills are due, and goals for the month.

The finished product!

I don’t need to fill the entire month — after all, I don’t actually know what I’ll be doing 30 days in advance. Planning my monthly spreads this way gives me an idea of when I’m busy + what I have to look forward to — plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s so pretty to look at 🙂 Happy planning!




How To Marble A Shelf

Recently, I’ve been on an interior decorating binge. I’m absolutely obsessed with all things home, decoration + organization, and I channeled that into my bedroom. It’s a spacious room that holds my bed, desk + a comfy chair for a reading corner. I wanted to spruce it up + really make it feel like my sanctuary. I’ll write about my experience redesigning my room soon, but until then here’s how I got about my first project: marbling shelves.



How To

NOTE: Give yourself 20-30 minutes per shelf. I like to put on an episode of the show I’ve most recently been binge-watching 🙂

  • Wipe the shelf down to get rid of any dust or residue
  • Measure with the pen + use the scissors to cut out the marble paper to be enough for two sides of the shelf (including the edges)
  • Start applying the paper to the shelf. Go slowly + press down with a straight edge along the way to minimize bubbles. I used a book without its cover.IMG_8072
  • Cover the entire shelf + end the paper on the edge that you want to nail to the wall.
  • You’ll likely still have some bubbles. Use a needle or knife to “pop” the bubbles, but try to keep the holes tiny!

Finished Product

You have a fancy shelf! Congrats + good luck on your interior decorating journey!



How To Organize Your Entryway

I hate the look of disarray. Things don’t have to be perfectly organized to look put together, but there are ways to make the space work for you while being put together. I’m always looking for solutions to make a space work for me, not the other way around. One of these spaces is the entryway in my apartment. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into someone’s home, so it’s important! Ours was pretty empt
y for about a year after we moved in. It’s a narrow space (as most apartment entries are) where we threw our shoes whenever we walked in. I wanted a cheap way to make it more useful + aesthetically pleasing.


First, we added a simple bench (found at Target) to give us a place to sit when putting our shoes down and to drop bags + boxes. We mostly tucked our shoes under the bench which helped, but this wasn’t foolproof. After all, I’m not always going to place my shoes in a specific spot when I’m in a rush or lazy.

To fix this, I decided to use the age old container trick – baskets! I found these baskets at Ikea last weekend that were perfect for storing a bunch of shoes in. They’re wide, low brimmed + a neutral color that goes with the rest of our furniture. I put two under the bench + threw all the shoes into them. They fit so well (with space to spare!) + instantly cleared up the space. Now it looks cute, it’s functional, + so much easier to find + grab shoes. I love how I don’t have to place my shoes in an exact location (like on a rack) but still get the look of organization. Try it out + let me know what you think!




AFTER (Baskets: Ikea)

Planning for the Non-Planners

Happy Friday! I’m about to dive into one of the most important things in my life ever….planning! Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE planning. Making to-do lists, setting up schedules, and decorating a weekly spread is something I look forward to every Sunday evening. If that sounds like the last thing you want to do, or you just don’t have time, then this is for you!

I’m so obsessed with planning that I have not one, but TWO planners. My closest friends + family have called my crazy already so don’t worry about it. To start this off, I’m introducing you to my daily planner.

IMG_7606This is a personal size Filofax planner — it’s called “personal” because you can take it with you everywhere! It’s only about 7″ x 4″, so it fits perfectly in your bag, in a drawer, on your desk, wherever. I would recommend finding one similar to this on Amazon. It seems like a steep investment at first, but it pays off since you don’t have to buy a new one every year.

The Filofax comes with some inserts such as a weekly + monthly view, which may be enough for you. Obviously, I had to take it one step further + find inserts that were perfect for what I wanted. I must say, I never really knew how amazing Etsy was until I got into planning — your mind is about to be blown by the market + talent there is.

If you don’t know what’s happening next week…

SewMuchCrafting is one of the most popular shops for buying inserts, + rightfully so. The quality of the paper is amazing — this matters, people! I love that I can write on these with whatever pen + not worry about it bleeding through. Plus, the shop has so many different types of inserts to fit anyone’s needs. I bought the Week on One Page With Grid Inserts. For $18, you get the rest of the year in this layout which is an amazing price. It’s perfect for figuring out what you’re doing on each day, planning ahead into the year, writing down whatever else you want on the grid side. I use it for to-do lists, ideas, and the occasional doodle.



This may not work for your needs, but that’s the best part about SewMuchCrafting. Check out the shop + I guarantee you’ll find an insert that’s perfect for you. Her inserts go out of stock very quickly, so I’d recommend following her on Instagram for her shop updates! I’ve also purchased to-do lists, monthly views, + a meal planning + grocery list set. The options are endless + for a great price!

If you have a lot to do and not enough time each day…

Are you the kind of person that needs to see what you’re doing each day + prioritize your to-do list accordingly? Some people may say that Google Calendar handles everything for them, but there’s just something about writing it down that makes me remember better. Honestly, I would’ve bought these inserts from Sessa Vee no matter what because they are beautiful. The quality of the pages are as amazing as SewMuchCrafting, but the marble background + simplistic design is something else. Sessa Vee also sells really great writing pens, stationary, + inserts so check her out if you want better stationary than all of your friends.

The Extra (+ Pretty) Stuff

This is probably good enough for most of you, but I go the extra mile with my decorating. You’ll see a lot more of how crazy I am with sprucing up my planners in later posts, but for now I’ll show what I do with my Filofax inserts.


This is what this week looks like. Some may call me crazy, but I love looking at my planner + seeing beauty in even the most mundane things.


I’ve started putting washi on the edges + re-hole punching them to add an extra flair. I don’t do this on every page, but love it when I do!

Now that you’ve come into the most personal part of my life — my planner — I can’t wait to share even more of my tips, tricks + spreads with you! I’d love to hear how this post has helped you plan – and enjoy planning – your life!