Beauty Diaries: Highlighters

If you’re not familiar with the highlighting revolution, no, I’m not talking about a bright yellow highlighter you use in school. I’m not a make-up guru by any means, but I’ve been watching more YouTube tutorials + following some beauty bloggers (my favorite is Deepica Mutyala, for all my South Asian ladies) so I feel like I have the basic knowledge of what’s out there. Still, everytime I walk into Sephora I’m overwhelmed with options — I feel like there are 30 new “must have” products each month, 100 different brands, and so many ways to package + use a single product. It’s almost impossible to pick something that you know + can trust!

As someone with a pretty standard make-up routine + minimal knowledge about the industry, I rarely venture into using new products. But recently I’ve found that I can’t live without a highlighter. These babies work! Highlighters are meant to do just that — highlight parts of your face that you want to accentuate.

Face Highlighting

I’ve narrowed down my favorite 3 highlighters that I’ve used — these were all introduced to me via Sephora employees, friends, or beauty vloggers + are not sponsored in any way.

PSA: How people take selfies without looking weird I’ll never know.

Watts Up — Benefit Cosmetics

I think this is the most popular highlighter, and for good reason. It comes in this pretty packaging + is very easy to use for even the most inexperienced people. This was the first highlighter I bought + I’ve been attached to it ever since. I usually swipe it on the highlight areas + then dab it in with a Beauty Blender. I like how it isn’t too glaring of a highlight but still shows up on my skin tone.

Face Illuminator in Addiction — Laura Mercier

I got this compact (in the tone Addiction) after it was recommended by multiple beauty vloggers. And secretly, I wanted to get the fan brush used to apply it with 🙂 The actual powder in the compact is really pretty + shimmery, but it surprisingly doesn’t come on too strong. I use this sometimes if I don’t want too much on my face or add it on top of another highlighter for an extra shimmer. I like the dewy look it gives me, but not sure if it’s worth the $$.

Luminizing Liquid Highlighter — Jouer Cosmetics

I’ll be honest — I only picked this up because I needed to hit a minimum when purchasing the liquid lipsticks from Jouer (side note: try the liquid lipsticks – they’re amazing!) I was pleasantly surprised! The highlighter looks kind of like a pen, and you need to twist the bottom of the pen for the highlighting liquid to come out of the brush. Then, you dab it on your face + blend! It’s actually a really pretty highlight, perhaps a little brighter than I’d like for everyday, but I do think that the tone I got (no 1. nude light) is too light for my skin tone.


What highlighters do you use + swear by? Are there any other products I should add to my routine?

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