Monday Motivation: Aug 29, 2016

Happy Monday! This weekend was filled with parties for every occasion — birthdays, graduations, going aways, weddings, and plain old end-of-summer celebrations. It was so fun seeing so many friends + family, but it definitely didn’t give me enough time to prepare for this week. I have a crazy few days coming up — I go on-call at work + am leaving for a family vacation to China on Saturday! More on that later…for now, here’s some Monday motivation!

  • With an upcoming vacay, I really needed this article on how to pack like a minimalist traveler. I always end up packing SO. MUCH. and use only half of what I bring. Hopefully this trip will be different!
  • This is a blog by + for millennials, so I had to mention this article all about how millennials don’t take enough vacation. Apparently, we’re the cause for companies giving less vacation days. Start booking your Fall trips + use those babies up!
  • Did you see these moments of Ina Garten aka the Barefood Contessa? They made me smile 🙂


One thought on “Monday Motivation: Aug 29, 2016

  1. hellohenrys says:

    Let us know how you like The Sleep Revolution! I’ve been dying to read that!! Such a great post and thank you for speaking up about millennials and vacations! We should never feel guilty about enjoying life and I, for one, think vacations make us more productive contributors both at work and in our personal lives!


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