Changing Careers: It’s Not You, It’s Me

These days I’ve been feeling a little lost. Why, you ask? I just hit my 2 year anniversary at work AKA it’s time for my quarter-life crisis. I’ve been working as a software engineer for the past two years at a company that I joined straight out of college. I’ve always known that at some point in my life I’m going to start my own business, but I have no idea when or what. As I’ve gotten more and more comfortable at my job, that entrepreneurial itch is getting stronger than ever. But, for some reason, I can’t seem to get myself to really pursue it yet. I’ve talked to a few of my friends about this “two year itch”, whether it’s to start a company or try a different career path, and most millennials I know are facing the same dilemma.

Another thing a lot of millennials are dealing with right now — dating. I’m not single but a few of my good friends are, and it seems so stressful! Often, me and my girlfriends will sit down with a glass of wine + talk about everything in our lives ranging from relationships to our careers. When it comes to dating, I always hear about how difficult it is to find something real in this day and age. With a new dating app coming out every other month + people wanting to settle down later in life, it seems harder than ever to find that special someone. As someone on the outside, I feel like I don’t know the full story of what it’s like to date in 2016. What I do know is that this culture of having endless possibilities and not willing to settle can make even the people looking for love a little cynical. And understandably so — it’s a tough world out there! But sometimes, when I hear my friends’ stories about their random hookups or “relationships” that just fizzled out, I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, they don’t want that serious relationship either. I’ve even told some of my friends just as much — even though they theoretically want a good, real, long relationship, do they ever think that they’re subconsciously just not ready for it?

That brings me to my recent lamenting over what to do with my life. It occurred to me that my current situation and my friends’ dating lives are pretty similar. I’m like a single twenty-something and entrepreneurship is like the perfect relationship I’ve been looking for but am too scared to actually go for. Think about it — there are more resources than ever to help us find exactly what we want to do, and entrepreneurship is a viable career for more young people than ever before. Then what’s stopping me from biting the bullet? It’s not that I don’t have opportunity. In fact, this is the exact time I should be pursuing my passions. I don’t have any dependents, am financially stable, have a family that is willing to support me, and have access to all the resources in the world. So I’ve come to the tough conclusion that what’s stopping me from chasing my dreams + reaching my goals is….me. I’m hoping that writing it out for the world to see will be the first step towards actually doing it  🙂

What are your biggest goals and dreams at this time in your life? What’s stopping you from working towards them?

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