Style Diaries: Dressing A Bodycon For Work

Summertime always provides a predicament — how do I dress for work in this weather without being inappropriate? Usually I throw a jacket over whatever I wear + call it a day, but I almost always end up sweating by the time I make it to the office. Recently, I was staring at my closet full of sweaters + party dresses, + came up with an outfit that did everything I wanted — so obviously I had to share!

I started with a midi bodycon dress (similar) from one of my favorite stores in the world, Aritzia. I love that all their pieces are amazing quality + consist of solid, simple designs — they’re perfect for layering + mix-and-matching, so to me it’s always worth the investment.



Tone it down with sneakers. This pair from Vans is perfect!

For some of my not-so-busty friends, this might be enough for a work outfit. For someone like me (hello, Ds), anything tight or semi-low cut makes me look like I’m going to the club. So, how do you fix this? Take a Fall favorite, the classic button-down shirt. I wore a simple, slouchy white button-down (similar) from Nordstrom. Unbutton a few of the bottom buttons, take the two sides, and tie them together right in the middle. If you weren’t wearing the dress underneath, it would look like a super-chic, 90s crop top.





Anddddd, there you go! Slap on a pair of heels or sneakers (thank god those are back in style) + you have a cute yet conservative outfit that will take you from work to happy hour!


PS. Unfortunately I’m not a fancy blogger (yet) with a professional photographer, so my mirror shots will have to do! Hope you try this out yourself!

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