Monday Motivation (on Tuesday): Aug 16, 2016

Happy Tuesday! I got a case of the Mondays yesterday + wasn’t able to post my weekly Monday Motivation. Thank you all for being patient with me — it was one of those days where things come up + suddenly it’s 11pm and you don’t know where the time went! But not to worry, I still have some fun Internet links to share with you! I hope you all had fun + restful weekends. I was in Boston visiting my best friend (travel post coming soon!) + we had such a blast — except for the humidity + heat, oy vey! I’m kind of glad to be in normal-summer-weather-West Coast, but was less happy to get back to the daily grind today. Here’s a little post-Monday pick-me-up!

  • I love getting cash back however I can (loving the Nordstrom notes rolling in right now post-anniversary sale), so I was super excited to try Ibotta. It’s an app that gives you cash back on everyday purchases like medicine, groceries, even wine! Yup, get rewarded for buying wine. They published a super cool info-graph with all the data they’ve collected showing the cheapest days to buy certain things. Check it out!
  • Finding yummy + easy vegetarian recipes isn’t always that easy — especially finding one that actually turns out the way it looks in the pictures, which almost never happens for me. I was pleasantly surprised when I made this curried eggplant dish. It’s simple, quick, easy, and very yummy! Try it out + let me know what you think.
  • I. Love. Friend. Dates. You get all the benefits of a date without any of the pressure! I also love finding out cool new things to do when Seattle finally has nice weather, and this list of friend date ideas was perfect. Have other fun date ideas? Let me know!
  • A few of my close friends just moved away to go to graduate school (sad face), so I thought this candle would be perfect for those who are a little homesick. Not sure how well the scents really capture the states, but it’s a thoughtful + cute gift idea all the same!

Have a wonderful rest of your week + come back on Thursday for some stylish, yet comfy, outfit inspo to take you from work to play!

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