Monthly Planning: August 2016


A new month means a blank spread to PLAN! You may ask, why/how do you plan an entire month in one day? My monthly spread isn’t a look into every detail of every day, but rather a snapshot into the big events going on that month. Planning it ahead of time helps me remember birthdays, events, and trips. I love looking back + being reminded of what I did each month — it’s a calendar + scrapbook in one!


It looks so clean + empty…for now 🙂

My main supplies are stickers from Etsy shops (linked below) + washi tape. You can buy washi at any craft or stationery store. Washi is not only used for planning, it’s also such a fun decorative item that lasts forever + has so many applications like these ones.


The washi I picked out for this spread. I ended up using only the green scales one.

Hopefully this gives you ideas on how to plan your month with some FUN. Here’s how I planned August 2016.


  • I put down any trips I know of first with some washi. It looks good + I know my free weekends for the month!
  • Next, birthdays. I mark birthdays in a bunch of different ways — with flags, icons, or old-fashioned balloon stickers!
  • Now to put down any other big events going on that month — parties, meetings, special moments 🙂 This month I marked one of my friends moving to Seattle and a monthly b
    ook club meeting!
  • Finally, I writedown my usual monthly plans like paydays, when bills are due, and goals for the month.

The finished product!

I don’t need to fill the entire month — after all, I don’t actually know what I’ll be doing 30 days in advance. Planning my monthly spreads this way gives me an idea of when I’m busy + what I have to look forward to — plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s so pretty to look at 🙂 Happy planning!




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