Getting Lasik: How + Why I Did It

Guys, I finally did it!! I’ve been talking about getting Lasik for a few years now but was never sure if it was worth it or not. Let me tell you — it’s definitely worth it. I couldn’t find anything describing the actual experience of getting Lasik before I had my surgery, and I think it would have really calmed my + my family’s nerves if we knew what it was like. If you want to know what Lasik is really like, here’s my experience getting the surgery!

Why Did I Do It?

  • To get signed off by your eye doctor to get Lasik, your power needs to stabilize for the past few years. My power had stabilized to -4.0 in both eyes for the last 6 years, so I knew I would be safe.
  • I wear (or wore, hehe) daily contacts on both of my eyes, which comes out to about $110 each month for the contacts. The surgery itself cost $4300 (I’ll go into that later), which equates to buying contacts for a little over 3 years. I’d already been wearing contacts for 11 years, so it was worth the investment.
  • I’d talked to TONS of family + friends who had gotten the surgery, and a few eye doctors and surgeons. Everyone who got Lasik done wishes they had gotten it done sooner, and the doctors reiterated how safe + non-intrusive the surgery is.
  • I’ve been on a streak of just doing things I keep talking about doing (aka Mitra Loves), so why not?!

Getting The A-OK

  • Get an appointment with your eye doctor + let them know you want to get Lasik. My eye doctor had been asking me if I wanted the surgery for a few years now, so he was super excited about it! WARNING: Your eyes will be super dilated after this appointment! I was practically useless for the rest of the day without being able to look at screens or go out in the light.
  • If they sign off, ask them for a list of recommended facilities + surgeons, and ask them to send your info over to those facilities ASAP. My surgeon already had a list of 4-5 clinics that he recommended. It didn’t hurt that he personally knew a few of the surgeons, so I felt super comfortable going to them.
  • Call the facilities! Since Lasik is such a quick operation, they usually have a ton of openings + can fit you in as soon as the next week. The clinic I chose even provided pre-surgery check-ups as a double check, but I chose to just book the appointment right away. I was surprised that I could get it done so soon, but it made it even easier to just take the plunge!

Before The Surgery

  • Get someone to be there during + after your surgery. You will need them to drive you back home + it’s always nice having a friend there! Since the clinic was close to my parents’ house, I decided to stay there the day of + after my surgery, so my dad + boyfriend (who came along to see if I was ok before getting Lasik himself) accompanied me.
  • Go through the info that your clinic provides + ask your people to look at it, too. This was super useful since my dad + boyfriend could remind me about my post-op todos.
  • Enjoy your last week as ‘4 Eyes’! Contacts can change the shape of your cornea, so you have to wear glasses for the week leading up to surgery. It was kind of bittersweet, knowing it was the last time I’d be waking up + going to sleep with blurry vision.
  • Decide what type of Lasik you want to get — blade or laser. I chose laser because it was more precise + less prone to human error, plus it’s the newer, proven technology. Because of that, it was more expensive of a surgery. For both eyes, my surgery was $3600 + $700 for the follow-up appointments for a grand total of $4300. As I said before, worth it.

It’s Lasik Day!

It took literally. 10. minutes.


  • The majority of your appointment (about 2 hours) will be for pre-op tests, just to make sure that nothing’s changed since you booked your appointment. It was a lot of staring into blinking lights, waiting, staring some more, and more waiting.
  • I finally went in to the room where the people with glasses went, meaning I was about to get Lasik! But hold up…there’s more waiting! They gave me a surgical cap + put numbing drops in my eyes. This is the point where my dad started praying intensely + I got super fidgety. Fun all around.
  • The surgeon came out to meet me before the actual surgery, which was super nice of him. He wanted to meet my dad + boyfriend + make sure that I was ready.
  • Before going into the surgery, they went over the post-op info. That included each of the drops I needed to take at what time intervals, the dos and don’ts post surgery, etc.

The Surgery

  • I went in with a nurse (who put more numbing drops in my eyes) + sat down in the chair. They gave my dad + boyfriend the option to watch in a viewing room, but my dad chose not to watch. My boyfriend said he was covering his face half the time so…does it count? They started surgery almost immediately.
  • They kept my eyelids apart with a metal eyelash curler look-a-like. It didn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable at all.
  • Here’s the worst part — the eye holder thingy. They put this plastic thing around my eyeball that’s meant to keep it in place. It didn’t hurt as much as I could feel pressure was being put on my eye/head which was slightly uncomfortable. They make you stare at this red light (obvi there’s staring at a light) to keep the eye in place.
  • You’re then put under the laser — note that I couldn’t actually see, smell, or hear the laser. All I heard was the surgeon counting down from 15, during which the laser was creating the flap on my eye.
  • As soon as the flap was done, they opened it and it was super blurry. Then, they did the actual Lasik part, I guess. All I know is it smelled like burning hair for a few seconds, and then I assume they put the flap back on, because then I could SEE! They put on a protective lens (no power) for extra protection + to help the flap connect + heal.

Post Surgery

  • Both eyes were done in 10 minutes! As soon as I got up I could see, and it was SO. WEIRD. Cool. But weird. I went home right after + started my drops.
  • For the first week you will have medical drops to put in every few hours, but the artificial tears will be your best friend. Since your eyes just went through a little something something, they’ll tend to be super dry, especially when starting at a screen for a long time or when waking up. You can buy huge boxes of the artificial tears at any drugstore, + I strongly recommend keeping a few with you at all times.
  • Nothing getting in your eyes for the next week (at least)! That includes wind, dust, make-up, sweat (oh no, guess no working out!), etc. You’ll have these super sexy goggles + sunglasses to wear (hint: they’re not actually sexy). But hey, you can see so who cares!

All in all, I’d strongly recommend the surgery if it’s cost-efficient for you + you’re just sick of waking up + not being able to see. I’m loving it so far + can’t wait to frame my glasses in a shadow box to mark the 18 years I’ve been reliant on those babies. Hope this helps calm your nerves + be more informed before making this decision! It’s probably one of the best one’s I’ve ever made.


My Lasik Recovery Crew (Guest Appearance: The Sexy Goggles)

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