Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was beautiful + sunny here in Seattle, so we had some friends over for a pool party at my parents’ house to celebrate. If you’re not ready to start the week like me, take a look at some of the things I’ve found on the internet that’ll help you procrastinate a liiiiitle longer.

  • I’m going to try this while meal planning + grocery shopping this week.
  • A restaurant for just my Seattle peeps, but I heard it’s pretty yummy!
  • I’m in the market for new bedding + I’ve heard good things about Parachute.
  • This is kind of cheating since I’ve already done it…but I attended my first Moth event a few weeks ago + loved it! It’s a storytelling podcast + each show has a theme (the show I went to was about “neighborhoods”). Random people from the audience are chosen to tell stories about the theme, so you never know what you’re going to get! Look up the upcoming events in your area + go if you can.

Have a great week!

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