How To Marble A Shelf

Recently, I’ve been on an interior decorating binge. I’m absolutely obsessed with all things home, decoration + organization, and I channeled that into my bedroom. It’s a spacious room that holds my bed, desk + a comfy chair for a reading corner. I wanted to spruce it up + really make it feel like my sanctuary. I’ll write about my experience redesigning my room soon, but until then here’s how I got about my first project: marbling shelves.



How To

NOTE: Give yourself 20-30 minutes per shelf. I like to put on an episode of the show I’ve most recently been binge-watching 🙂

  • Wipe the shelf down to get rid of any dust or residue
  • Measure with the pen + use the scissors to cut out the marble paper to be enough for two sides of the shelf (including the edges)
  • Start applying the paper to the shelf. Go slowly + press down with a straight edge along the way to minimize bubbles. I used a book without its cover.IMG_8072
  • Cover the entire shelf + end the paper on the edge that you want to nail to the wall.
  • You’ll likely still have some bubbles. Use a needle or knife to “pop” the bubbles, but try to keep the holes tiny!

Finished Product

You have a fancy shelf! Congrats + good luck on your interior decorating journey!



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