How To Organize Your Entryway

I hate the look of disarray. Things don’t have to be perfectly organized to look put together, but there are ways to make the space work for you while being put together. I’m always looking for solutions to make a space work for me, not the other way around. One of these spaces is the entryway in my apartment. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into someone’s home, so it’s important! Ours was pretty empt
y for about a year after we moved in. It’s a narrow space (as most apartment entries are) where we threw our shoes whenever we walked in. I wanted a cheap way to make it more useful + aesthetically pleasing.


First, we added a simple bench (found at Target) to give us a place to sit when putting our shoes down and to drop bags + boxes. We mostly tucked our shoes under the bench which helped, but this wasn’t foolproof. After all, I’m not always going to place my shoes in a specific spot when I’m in a rush or lazy.

To fix this, I decided to use the age old container trick – baskets! I found these baskets at Ikea last weekend that were perfect for storing a bunch of shoes in. They’re wide, low brimmed + a neutral color that goes with the rest of our furniture. I put two under the bench + threw all the shoes into them. They fit so well (with space to spare!) + instantly cleared up the space. Now it looks cute, it’s functional, + so much easier to find + grab shoes. I love how I don’t have to place my shoes in an exact location (like on a rack) but still get the look of organization. Try it out + let me know what you think!




AFTER (Baskets: Ikea)

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