Style Diaries: Sweaters + Boyfriend Jeans

I’m 5’ short + pretty curvy, so it’s hard for me to find clothes that are fashionable, modest + fit well. I don’t have the luxury or patience to get all my clothes tailored + I also don’t like to constantly buy new clothes to match the current trend. Most millennials I know are in the same boat, so for my style diaries I’m sharing outfits using only what I have in my closet. When I do add a new piece to my wardrobe, I’ll show you how I pair it with the rest of my clothes. My goal is to come up with stylish outfits that are good for going to work, happy hours, a lazy weekend day, or all of the above – and inspire you to create your own. Here goes!

This sweater is one of the comfiest sweaters I’ve ever worn – and I have a lot of sweaters. I love that it’s sleeveless so I can wear it on a chillier summer day and layer it up for colder weather. The boyfriend jeans are an obvious plus – whenever I feel bloated but still want to look cute I pop these bad boys on. Since I’m already short, baggy pants can make me look even smaller. To even it out, I wear some type of heels. These booties are super comfortable yet stylish. I’ve worn them all day at work, going out with my friends at night, and everything in between. I can’t find the exact pair anymore but have linked a similar one below! To top it off, you got to add some bling! I usually wear a simple gold necklace from my giant jewelry collection — this Chloe+Isabel piece is one of my favorites because of its versatility.


To switch it up, you can add a bomber jacket or change up your jewelry. I really like this one I found from Zara – the color matches with everything + it’s super lightweight.


Jacket: Zara, Necklace: Chloe+Isabel

9 thoughts on “Style Diaries: Sweaters + Boyfriend Jeans

  1. Lauren says:

    Love the bomber and that you were able to offer an affordable option! Absolutely think Citizens make the best boyfriend jeans out there. Haven’t found anything better.


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