Planning for the Non-Planners

Happy Friday! I’m about to dive into one of the most important things in my life ever….planning! Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE planning. Making to-do lists, setting up schedules, and decorating a weekly spread is something I look forward to every Sunday evening. If that sounds like the last thing you want to do, or you just don’t have time, then this is for you!

I’m so obsessed with planning that I have not one, but TWO planners. My closest friends + family have called my crazy already so don’t worry about it. To start this off, I’m introducing you to my daily planner.

IMG_7606This is a personal size Filofax planner — it’s called “personal” because you can take it with you everywhere! It’s only about 7″ x 4″, so it fits perfectly in your bag, in a drawer, on your desk, wherever. I would recommend finding one similar to this on Amazon. It seems like a steep investment at first, but it pays off since you don’t have to buy a new one every year.

The Filofax comes with some inserts such as a weekly + monthly view, which may be enough for you. Obviously, I had to take it one step further + find inserts that were perfect for what I wanted. I must say, I never really knew how amazing Etsy was until I got into planning — your mind is about to be blown by the market + talent there is.

If you don’t know what’s happening next week…

SewMuchCrafting is one of the most popular shops for buying inserts, + rightfully so. The quality of the paper is amazing — this matters, people! I love that I can write on these with whatever pen + not worry about it bleeding through. Plus, the shop has so many different types of inserts to fit anyone’s needs. I bought the Week on One Page With Grid Inserts. For $18, you get the rest of the year in this layout which is an amazing price. It’s perfect for figuring out what you’re doing on each day, planning ahead into the year, writing down whatever else you want on the grid side. I use it for to-do lists, ideas, and the occasional doodle.



This may not work for your needs, but that’s the best part about SewMuchCrafting. Check out the shop + I guarantee you’ll find an insert that’s perfect for you. Her inserts go out of stock very quickly, so I’d recommend following her on Instagram for her shop updates! I’ve also purchased to-do lists, monthly views, + a meal planning + grocery list set. The options are endless + for a great price!

If you have a lot to do and not enough time each day…

Are you the kind of person that needs to see what you’re doing each day + prioritize your to-do list accordingly? Some people may say that Google Calendar handles everything for them, but there’s just something about writing it down that makes me remember better. Honestly, I would’ve bought these inserts from Sessa Vee no matter what because they are beautiful. The quality of the pages are as amazing as SewMuchCrafting, but the marble background + simplistic design is something else. Sessa Vee also sells really great writing pens, stationary, + inserts so check her out if you want better stationary than all of your friends.

The Extra (+ Pretty) Stuff

This is probably good enough for most of you, but I go the extra mile with my decorating. You’ll see a lot more of how crazy I am with sprucing up my planners in later posts, but for now I’ll show what I do with my Filofax inserts.


This is what this week looks like. Some may call me crazy, but I love looking at my planner + seeing beauty in even the most mundane things.


I’ve started putting washi on the edges + re-hole punching them to add an extra flair. I don’t do this on every page, but love it when I do!

Now that you’ve come into the most personal part of my life — my planner — I can’t wait to share even more of my tips, tricks + spreads with you! I’d love to hear how this post has helped you plan – and enjoy planning – your life!

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