Let’s Get Political

votumIf you’re like me, you have strong opinions about political issues such as gun control, abortion, banning entire groups of people out of the country, you name it. I can debate for hours with my friends, but do I research into each bill, candidate, or what they stand for? No. And I figure most of you who have full-time jobs, social engagements, and side projects don’t either. Sure we care, but who really has time to focus on everything going on in politics.

Here’s where Votum comes in. I’m sure you’ve heard of bills or initiatives either getting passed or shut down in Congress. I always assumed that the senators made the decisions, and since they were already voted in there was nothing I could do to influence them. I was so wrong. Votum texts you a few times a month when Congress is voting on an important issue. Instead of bombarding you with the boring details that you couldn’t care less about, they break it down into a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question. All you have to do is take 10 seconds out of your day, reply with your vote, and they’ll handle the rest. It really is that easy. For instance, I submitted my vote today on whether I think “known or suspected terrorists should be prevented from purchasing firearms or explosives”.

Firstly, how is this still a question? But honestly, I was truly impressed that this app can make sure that my voice is heard. Even if you agree with your senators on a topic, just think about it — these questions are still being posed to our government. If they’re not the law yet, then there’s enough people opposing it to stop it from becoming one. As a citizen, it is your right and responsibility to vote, and Votum makes it super easy + simple to do so.


I still don’t know when voting happens in my state or what each candidate’s positions are, but I am more aware of the political climate than I ever was before. Take a few minutes today to sign up for Votum + let me know in the comments what you think!

Register here!

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