It’s happening!

Welcome to “Mitra Loves”! Here, you’ll find a bunch of things that I absolutely love — my favorite outfits, organizing tips, inspiring people, and so much more! I’ve been debating about starting this blog for at least 6 months now, and I finally took the leap. Bought the domain name, started designing the site (it’s still a work in progress), and my favorite part — planning the posts!

You might be thinking, why start a blog? There are thousands of bloggers out there focused on everything from home improvement, to design, to fashion, to food, you name it! We’re living in the social media age, which means that social influencers are so important to both consumers + businesses alike. In this overcrowded market, I still couldn’t find what I wanted. As a career-oriented, newly graduated, first generation American young millennial, I’m pulled in so many different directions. I’m growing into my first “adult” home, yet still can’t stick to a budget or meal plan. I’m constantly trying out new makeup or fashion trends, but don’t have many places to dress up to as a full-time software engineer.

My friends and I are always looking for tips + tricks to help us go through the transition from college graduate to “real world” adult. I don’t claim to know all the answers or to be living the ideal life. So, for “Mitra Loves”, I want to share everything I love that I think could help and inspire someone else. If my posts can help even one person, then I’ve accomplished my goal. I hope you love what you see here, and we learn + grow with each other!

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